Available Classes:  These classes take place during Daycare 1 on 1 with Alexa.

Trick Dog - Novice (6 weeks, $ 185) 10 tricks covered, including Paws up, Touch it, Spin, Shake, Kennel up, Jump (over something,) Get on (raised bed,) Get in, Hand-signals for Sit, Down, or Come, and a Handler’s choice trick. Dogs will be eligible for a AKC trick evaluation at the end.

Basic Scent work (4 Weeks, $ 140) The introduction of finding things on cue, first using treats and then birch scent. Dogs will be able to search on cue for birch.

Basic Obedience (6 weeks, $ 155) An important foundation for life skills! Class will include Leash manners, Sit/Down, Stay (including at doorways), Recall games, Touch/Watch me, Rewarding check-ins, Place work, Drop it, and Leave it.

Brain Camp: (4 Weeks, $ 120) Mental Exercise, Confidence Building, Problem solving, and stress management techniques. Treat scatters, learning puzzles, foraging, find it games, hide and seek, licking, and chewing sessions.

Beginner Recall: (4 Weeks, $135) Introduction to a marker cue, rewarding handler engagement, collar hold desensitization, recall games, long line practice, calling away from distractions, practicing skills in new environments.

Trick Dog - Intermediate: ( 6 Weeks $ 185) Includes Wave, Paws up, Heel with Auto sit, Leg weave, Go to Place, Touch lamp, Shell Game, Remove item from box, Ring a bell, Orbit.

Trick Dog - Advanced: (6 Weeks $ 185) Coming soon!



Scheduled By Appointment:  2pm-3pm Monday-Friday or 4pm-5pm Tuesday/Thursday.

Behavior Modification Issues: Case by case basis, this includes any and all humans in the household and the dog (s), with Alexa.  ($75 Per hour on site in our training classroom or, $85 per hour in your home.)  Reactivity, barking, jumping on people, pulling on leash, leash reactivity, fear issues, confinement anxiety, separation anxiety.

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