Daycare is a place for well socialized, well trained dogs.  We come

alongside our K-9 guardians to ensure both.  We provide a

structured day program that includes group walking, socializing,

manners training, and reward based conditioning.  We practice

being relaxed around other dogs, good social behaviors, and

stationing.  The result, a calm, well-exercised, more confident dog.


Since Dogs are considered a "Crepuscular" animal, the typical

daycare setting of 'all day play' is actually against their nature to

be most active at dawn and dusk.  In consideration of their need

for at least 13 hours of sleep per 24 hour period, we individualize

our program for each dog according to their needs for exercise

and rest.

Dogs are expected to rest in the afternoons to avoid over-

stimulation.  This is a learned behavior in a group setting and we

will work with all new dogs to ensure they develop a habit of

resting and relaxing while they are here.


Duration varies: $30 per day


  • Dogs over the age of 1, that are not spayed or neutered are not accepted into our daycare programs.


Saturday Day Boarding:  $35 per day.



(We do not do daycare on Sundays.  You can board your dog Saturday and pick up 3-6pm Sundays only)


What & When:

If they require a lunch meal, bring it in an airtight container.

Drop offs are from 6:30am-9:30am.

Pickups are from 3pm-6:30pm.

Extended day pick up (by 8pm) is available by appointment, for an extra $5.

Suitability Evaluation:

All dogs are evaluated in a small group on Saturdays prior to beginning our daycare program.  Evaluations are 9am-1pm and are $ 50.

Prior to coming for an evaluation, all dogs need to be cleared for parasites having had a clear fecal test within 10 days. If they pass the behavior evaluation they are invited to begin a trial daycare period during the weeks following.

All dogs are required to maintain vaccinations and preventatives at all times.  This includes Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough).  Flea, Tick, and Worm prevention is required year round.

 **Daycare situations are considered high risk environments.  Dogs that share space and resources including water buckets will also share viruses and bacterias despite appropriate vaccinations and cleaning.  It is expected that any dog that is showing any symptoms of illness will not attend until completely healthy. 


A Note About Suitability:

Not all dogs love the daycare setting.  If they don't love being around other dogs, it is often too stressful for them.  The first 2-3 weeks of daycare is considered a trial period.  Once the pups learn our routine, learn our structure, and get to know us, we get to see who they really are in a group setting.   These first weeks we are watching for a good adjustment into the structure of Daycare, to make some friends, play, and be able to rest around other dogs.  We are not just looking for dogs to tolerate being here, but actually enjoy the environment.  Within 2-3 weeks it becomes clear, by their behavior, if they are enjoying it, or tolerating it.  We will communicate throughout the introductory process about their adjustment to help you make the best decision about how they spend their days. If we observe any anti-social behavior during the introductory period they will not be accepted into the program. Anti-social behavior threatens the stability and safety of the entire group and cannot be tolerated at all.

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