No matter how modern, clean, or nice, in any situation where your dog is away from you, this is unnatural to them.  They are family members, companions, and best friends.  This means that being left with people they don't know, in a place they are unfamiliar with, for an amount of time they don't understand, is stressful for them.  We have created a program that seeks to alleviate some of that stress by developing a long term relationship with them and you!  We require all dogs in our boarding program to attend daycare or board regularly.  This is to ensure their comfort and for them to experience the least amount of stress while separated from their family.

We evaluate all dogs prior to boarding to ensure suitability.   Dogs that show extreme stress when separated from their family are not accepted into our program.  Evaluations are completed on Saturdays prior to scheduling any boarding from 9am-1pm and are $50.  Within 10 days of the suitability evaluation, a parasite clearance must be provided from your Veterinarian.

Duration varies: $ 45-$75 per night

Boarding fees include a 24 hour period.  Drop off and pickup during regular scheduled business hours.

What to expect:

We have 2 options for boarding.  Our shared living room suites that include 3-4 other dogs sharing space and our new luxury boarding kennels for non-social dogs.  Dogs that stay in our shared suites are evaluated for suitability prior to any scheduled boarding.

Shared Suites: (duration varies) $ 45 per night

Well socialized dogs, while boarding will sleep in one of our shared living room suites with other dogs.  Each suite is supplied with couches, dog beds, and crates can be set up if desired.  It is required that our boarding dogs are well socialized with other dogs and do not show extreme levels of stress when away from their family.

Kennels:  (duration varies) $ 75 per night

Dogs that stay in our kennels do not have to socialize with other dogs at all.  We do require kenneled dogs to be socialized with people.  We do not take any human aggressive dogs at all.

Kennels are 6' by 6' inside space and 10' by 12' of individual outside space.  Dogs from the same household are able to share a kennel if they are accustomed to sharing space.



What to Bring:

• Bring the food your dog (s) normally eats in an airtight container.  We have stainless steel bowls.
• Bring a bed if they have one they love, otherwise bedding not required.
• Bring a copy of current vaccinations.  Rabies, Distemper, and Bordetella (kennel cough) are required to be current for us to meet the requirements of our insurance as well as protect all the dogs in our care. All dogs are also required to be on some form of Flea, Tick, and Heartworm prevention.

** Boarding situations are considered high risk environments.  Dogs that share space and resources including water buckets will also share viruses and bacterias despite appropriate vaccinations and cleaning.  It is expected that any dog that is showing any symptoms of illness will not attend until completely healthy. 

Drop off / Pick up:

• Drop offs are between 6:30am-9:30am or between 3-6pm on the day of arrival.
• Pickup appointments can be scheduled depending on the day of pickup.

Sunday pick ups 3pm-6pm only.


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