Meet Our Team:

     We are a family of dog lovers. We love all dogs, big and small, sweet and sassy, hyper and couch potatoes. Our journey to providing daycare and boarding services for dogs, started with our own dog being boarded unsuccessfully.  Within a few hours of leaving him, he jumped two 6 foot fences to look for us, ended up in the middle of a busy road, soaking wet and in desperate need of help. Fortunately, a kind neighbor stopped and picked him up, took him to her home and took measures to find us. We learned from that experience, that being boarded is stressful for dogs and started devising a plan for how we could provide a place that wouldn't be stressful for dogs when their owners are away.
Our vision for K-9 Kidz, is to provide a home away from home for your doggies.  We want to establish a long term relationship with you and your doggies, so that anytime your away, they have a place to go where they feel comfortable and are well known. We aim to care for every dog like they are our own.
Pictured Left to Right:  Vicky, Christina, Eric, Alexa, Mary, (Front Row) Hannah, Levi, Rachael, Benjamin, Caleb, Elias, and Siobhan.
 Christina's lifelong passion is for animal husbandry.  At 8 years old her dream was to be a dog trainer.  At 43 years old, she fulfilled that dream obtaining her Certification as a Professional Dog Trainer.  (CPDT-KA)  She is certified by the International Boarding and Pet Services Association as a Pet Care Provider.   She is certified by the National Groomers Association of America and an approved evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.
 Alexa Efstathiou is our on site, full time Dog Trainer and Director of Enrichment.    She is in the process of obtaining her CPDT-KA through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers.  She is also an approved evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.  Pictured here with 1 of her dogs, Ridge.
 Mary Bovaconti leads our Adventure Hike program!  She is a lifelong animal lover and has a passion for animal husbandry.  She is in the process of obtaining her Grooming Certification through Penn Foster University.  Pictured here with her 3 dogs, Milka, Winston, and Ligedy.